IU Opens Up About Having Regrets and Taking Time Off to Heal

Credit: KBS

IU shared her personal philosophy on regrets and healing.

On October 3, KBS aired a Chuseok special “healing documentary” entitled Tree, Tree (literal translation). IU, who played the role of a narrator and storyteller, visited Jeju Cheongsu Gotjawal on a rainy day.

As she wandered the forest, IU repeatedly expressed her awe at the beauty of nature. “These days, it’s hard to go outside, and I couldn’t even imagine coming to the forest like this. There’s such a big pang tree in front of me, and the air is different. I actually really like rain. Filming might be a bit difficult, but I love to walk in the rain, so I think it will be a time off for me.”

IU also mentioned her own healing method. “I think you have to come to a full stop to heal yourself. Shouldn’t you stop and rest to heal anything? No matter how good you eat, you can’t get better without stopping, looking back, and taking care of yourself. To me, healing is a stop,” she said.

About making choices, IU added, “Sometimes I’m wrong, but when I have to make a choice, I often trust my gut and challenge myself. In fact, I have rarely regretted much about past choices. So when I think ‘this is it’ then I just go for it. I tend to stay faithful to my choices. I have no regrets about what I missed in my life.”

At the end of the show, she said, “I’ve never seriously thought about trees, but today, I personally walked in the forest and looked at the trees all day long. I think there was a tree in me, too. All trees, big or small, seem like humans, or witnesses who have watched the entire time of the forest. I thought there would be a lot of lyrics and music that I could write while thinking about trees.”

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