Wonho Opens His YouTube Channel’ ohhoho’ + First Video Surpasses 18,000 Views in 4 Hours

Credit: ohhoho/ YouTube

Wonho has opened his official YouTube channel.

On Oct. 1, Wonho opened his official YouTube channel “ohhoho” to communicate with his fans. “ohhoho” will show Wonho’s easy-going and friendly daily life, which has been seen only through his Instagram.

The first topic Wonho chose was a “cooking show.” Making a mille feuille nabe (traditional Japanese food), he tried to explain every ingredient and recipe, proving his intention to communicate more with his fans, who have been waiting a long time for him. After successfully creating a delicious-looking meal, Wonho even showed a perfect mukbang.

Wonho’s first video on his personal YouTube channel recorded 18,000 views in just four hours, drawing attention.

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