Moon Chae Won Talks About Working with Lee Joon Ki and Her Recently-Ended Drama ‘Flower of Evil’

Flower of Evil star Moon Chae Won shared how she feels about finishing the drama.

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Drama Flower of Evil, which drew attention with its unconventional setting of “What if your husband, who you have loved for 14 years, is a cold-blooded serial killer?” came to a successful end. Moon Chae Won, who returned to the small screen in two years, proved her name by taking on the role of detective Cha Ji Won, who traces her husband’s secret identity.


Q1. How do you feel about ending the show?
I have put in extra love in this project than ever. Since I had a lot of affection, I wanted to express the role of Cha Ji Won and her feelings as sincerely as possible. There were some difficult times, but in all, I am satisfied that it will be a rewarding work as I have put my all. I am grateful to all the staff and colleagues, but I am especially grateful for director Kim Chul Kyu.


Q2. What kind of person is Cha Ji Won to you?
I thought Ji Won was someone who is honest with her feelings and understands the importance of people. I mainly focused on expressing the true nature of her.

Q3. Were you able to feel the hot responses to the drama and the characters?
I felt that many people loved the drama through comments and real-time responses, but I think it really hit me when I read the fans’ cheering comments and reactions.


Q4. Wasn’t it hard to express your feelings?
From the planning stage, Ji Won was described as a person who goes through the “roller coaster of emotions,” so I half-expected it to be hard. But when I was actually acting them out, it was way more intense and challenging than I imagined. Viewers need to understand these emotions, and I thought hard on how to express them well.


Q5. There were a lot of positive reviews on your exemplary performances.
I read the script even more this time. I think that helped me to get immersed in the role more easily. I am grateful that you gave me a good evaluation of my acting.

Credit: tvN

Q6. How was it like working with your co-star Lee Joon Ki?
Lee Joon Ki’s outgoing and I’m introverted. We have some differences in personality, but working with Lee Joon Ki was always great. He is a good partner and I would gain strength from the bright energy he gave off on the set. I think we have gotten even closer through this work


Q7. The drama came to an end, but what do you think will happen in the story from here on out?
I think they will have a happily ever after. Because Hyun Soo and Ji Won should have no more pain or sadness in their lives.


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