DinDin Confessed that He Dated Former Rainbow Member Hyunyoung for Two Weeks

Credit: YouTube ‘Cho Hyunyoung TV’

DinDin confessed that he dated former Rainbow member Hyunyoung for two weeks in the past.

On Sept. 18, a video titled “DinDin, you lovely friend, you’re saying we used to date?” was uploaded on Hyunyoung’s YouTube channel, “Cho Hyunyoung TV.”

In the clip released, Hyunyoung introduced DinDin, saying, “DinDin is a childhood friend. We grew up together in the same neighborhood since we were kids.”

DinDin then added, “Is it okay if I say this? We dated for about two weeks,” to which Hyunyoung blazed up, saying, “What on earth are you talking about? I absolutely don’t remember dating you.”

DinDin said, “After dating about two weeks, I wanted to break up. But I knew that you would hit the roof if I asked you directly, so I asked my friend to ask you out. And that’s why you and that friend started dating,” and even confirmed it by calling the friend.

The two showed off their “real” friendship, giving a big laugh.

Meanwhile, Hyunyoung made her debut as Rainbow in 2009. Since the disbandment, she started her acting career in earnest, and is currently appearing in Lonely Enough to Love.

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