Lee Eun Sang Shares How He Feels About His Solo Debut

Lee Eun Sang released his first solo single album Beautiful Scar.

Credit: Brandnew Music

Beautiful Scar is an album that captures Lee Eun Sang’s determination to make the painful wounds and scars into a beautiful opportunity to become more mature. The title track “Beautiful Scar,” which was joined by AB6IX’s Park Woo Jin, is a sensuous R&B hip-hop song produced by Brandnew Music’s talented producers nomad and OUOW, and the head of the label Rhymer to enhance its completeness.

Lee Eun Sang introduced his new album through his label and sent a message to his fans.


Q1. It’s your first solo album. How do you feel about your comeback?

It’s my first solo activities, so many situations feel quite new, and I feel like I’m walking through the woods alone. But I feel quite rewarding in the process.

Q2. Introduce your new album.

All the songs in the album have their own charms. Not only the title track but also other non-title tracks seem to have maximized the meaning and emotion of Beautiful Scar, making it a more complete album.


Q3. How would you introduce two non-title tracks?

When I first heard “Mirage,” I found a retro vibe attractive. So I really wanted to pull it off well. “I Want to Sing” is a remake of ESBEE’s song. I tried to put my feelings and thoughts into the song rather than thinking that I should sing it well.


Q4. TMI you want to share with your fans.

I was told that artists follow the album’s title (laughs). So I focused on every little detail while preparing for it because of the meaning of scar in Beautiful Scar.

Credit: Brandnew Music

Q5. Which word do you think goes well with you, Beautiful or Scar?

I like the word Beautiful. Now I’m chasing after my own “beauty.” I think Beautiful suits me well now.


Q6. Is there a title you really want to gain through your solo activity?

I want to be called “anticipated singer” or “long-waited singer.” As an artist, I want to give my fans more energy with the work that I pondered over, and I hope that all the results will continue to expectations that lead me.


Q7. Words to your fans?

It’s great to be back with my first solo album, but I’m sorry that I can’t meet my fans in person. Because I know that the times with my fans are really precious, I’d like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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