Check Out Kwanghee’s Hilarious Reactions After Meeting a Fan Who Is Selling ZE:A’s Album

Credit: DALLA STUDIO YouTube

Netizens are loving Kwanghee’s hilarious reactions after meeting a “former” fan selling ZE:A’s second full-length album.

In the latest video posted on YouTube’s DALLA STUDIO, Kwanghee set off to explore the world of “second-hand deals.” About three minutes into the video, Kwanghee meets a woman who is selling ZE:A’s album (Kwanghee was a member of ZE:A before the group disbanded in 2017).

After seeing his album, Kwanghee shouted, “You could have just used it as a potholder,” giving a big laugh. He also recalled the memories after seeing the shopping bag with ZE:A members’ faces and ZE:A’s official good.

Kwanghee then tried to buy these three items personally, and was shocked when he heard that they (cost price $43) were only sold at 8 bucks. He even tried to buy them at 85 bucks, yelling, “I have my pride!” drawing laughter from everyone.

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