Seo Ye Ji Shares Honest Stories with Her Recent Fairytale-Like Pictorial

Seo Ye Ji shared her honest thought about herself.

On August 27, a fashion magazine Cosmopolitan released a beauty pictorial of Seo Ye Ji in the September issue.


Seo Ye Ji showed off her perfect visuals in a fairytale-like mysterious and dreamy atmosphere in the released photos. When asked about her favorite scent, she replied, “I prefer a light and natural scent like a flower or soap scent, rather than a strong scent that gives you a headache.”

Seo Ye Ji, who recently finished filming the drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, is having a time to recharge herself. “I’ve never been able to watch the drama because of the filming, but I watched the last episode at home. Rather than monitoring my acting, I looked at it from the viewers’ perspective, and I felt so warm-hearted because it showed how well the wounds have been healed after a long time,” she said, showing her love for the work.


As she joined the cover to celebrate Cosmopolitan’s 20th anniversary, Seo Ye Ji also sent a message to her 20-year-old self with three words, “Don’t get hurt,” “Get over it,” “You’re beautiful.”

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