[Weekly Up & Down] Entertainment Industry on Alert with COVID-19 vs. Superstar BTS

With the re-surge of COVID-19, the drama and film industries were struck hard. Networks have decided to suspend all filmings to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and the theater, which was regaining its vitality, is on alert again. Amid growing concerns, we look back on the issues that made headlines last week.


▼ Drama Industry Come to an All-Stop

Credit: KBS

As actors who starred in play Jjamppong, including Seo Sung Jong, Kim Won Hee, and Heo Dong Won, were confirmed with COVID-19, the entire drama industry was put on alert. The drama, where two of them are appearing, suspended their filming schedules, and those who were in contact or working on the same project, including Go Ah Ra, Lee Jae Wook, and Kim Joo Heon, have all been tested. KBS, JTBC, CJ ENM, as well as production companies Studio Dragon and Netflix have temporarily halted all production.


▼ Kim Ho Joong Embroiled in Controversy over Illegal Gambling

Kim Ho Joong admitted to the allegation of illegal gambling and apologized in person. After, he was edited out from TV Chosun’s Mr. Trot Concert, and a message was posted on KBS’s petition board asking the network to band Kim Ho Joong from appearing ever again. Naturally, his appearance on KBS’s Trot National Sports Festival became ambiguous.


▼ Kang Ji Hwan Appeals to the Supreme Court

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

Kang Ji Hwan, who was accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment after drinking with two female staff in July last year, appealed to the Supreme Court against his suspended sentence in the second trial on charges of quasi-rape and quasi-indecent act by force. With the appeal, Kang Ji Hwan’s attorney opened the evidence that contradicts the victims’ statements, including parts of the security camera of the living room and KakaoTalk messages of one of the victims, to the public.


▲ BTS Becomes the First Korean Artist to top Spotify ‘Global Top 50’

BTS set a new record in Spotify with their new song, “Dynamite.” According to Spotify’s latest chart (August 21), the digital single Dynamic entered the Global Top 50 list in the first place. With this, BTS became the first Korean singer to top the Spotify Global Top 50. Previously, BTS ranked third with “Boy With Luv” in April last year.

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