‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ Is About the Writer’s Real Love Story?

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“The drama started from my love story with a man who had a personality disorder. It’s like my ‘letter of apology’ for the love that came to a sad ending as I ran away from him instead of embracing him.”

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay writer Cho Yong (pen name) had a written interview with a media outlet and shared her honest stories.

“Kang Tae, Sang Tae, and Moon Young are one big character who is intimately intertwined. There were Kang Tae’s dedication and Moon Young’s sympathy for Sang Tae to grow up as a real adult. Then there were Sang Tae’s embrace and Moon Young’s stimulation behind Kang Tae taking off his mask. And thanks to Kang Tae’s love and Sang Tae’s innocence, Moon Young finds her lost emotions.”

Cho Yong also praised Oh Jung Se’s passion. After saying that the actor borrowed and examined all of the books and materials about the autism spectrum she used to create Sang Tae, she added that some scenes were embodied per Oh Jung Se’s idea. And one of them is the scene where Oh Jung Se read his storybook to his mother tree.

Writer Cho Yong, who became a writer because he wanted to make a drama that comforts people who are tired of their daily lives, said, “I want to write an intense romance drama or a human family drama where the two different characters show off their ‘bickering’ chemistry.”

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