Behind-the-Scenes Stories of Movie ‘Deliver Us From Evil’

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Deliver Us From Evil continues to sweep theaters in the second week of its release. Especially, the powerful action scenes in Deliver Us From Evil, which were not seen in Korean films before, are considered to be the reason for its success. The new style that excited the audience was created by adhering to realistic filming methods ranging from location to action. We will look at the hidden efforts of the actors and staff.


100% Location Filming!

Credit: CJ Entertainment
Credit: CJ Entertainment

Deliver Us From Evil was filmed in various locations, including Korea, Japan, and Thailand, without building a filming site. Even the parts the needed filming Korea were done in actual locations, not filming sites, and the elevator scene featuring Hwang Jung Min’s action sequences was also filmed with the actual place. Cinematographer Hong Kyung Pyo said, “It’s usually shot in a spacious filming studio, but for Deliver Us From Evil, I personally held the camera and filmed the scene inside the elevator. It wasn’t easy, but when we break through such limitations, we can convey a realistic feeling to the audience,” explaining why the project was conducted in a narrow space.


Actors’ Passionate Performances

In Deliver Us From Evil, actors digested tough action sequences themselves. In fact, after several safety checks and rehearsals, Hwang Jung Min performed many advanced action scenes, including climbing down the building or throwing his body into a car window. Lee Jung Jae also did various gun action scenes, which the actors themselves requested. Hwang Jung Min also did the car-chasing scenes shown in the second half of the movie personally. Cinematographer Hong Kyung Pyo said, “We originally planned on taking close-up shots of the actor then film a moving car and the stunt with a high-speed camera. But Hwang Jung Min said he would do it himself, so he proceeded without the stunt. Though it was a difficult job to film inside a car, he even asked for a re-take for better expressions. Looking at the result, the scene came more alive,” emphasizing the actors’ efforts.


Realistic Filming that Captures the Scene

Deliver Us From Evil minimized the visual effects and captured the scene to maximize the realism of the film that the production team wanted to pursue. The gunfight scene at Lan Yao Village, also considered the highlight of the movie, was full of efforts to make it as realistic as possible. In addition to thorough preparation by local gun experts and staff, the gunfighting scene, which was conducted through proper safety management, was shot by firing actual bullets. Thanks to this, the scene included real guns, real sparks, and real bullets. Also, the scene that shows a magnificent red sky in Korea was filmed after Hong Kyung Pyo successfully captured the scene after a long wait.

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