Former Limitless Member Heeseok Got Fans Worried as He Confesses to Attempting Self-Injury due to Internal Struggles Within the Group and Label

Credit: Heeseok Instagram

While former Limitless member Heeseok revealed his feud with the members and his depression, his label stated that they will soon take their official position.

On August 10, Heeseok wrote a lengthy message on his Instagram, which started with “I have been enduring with all my strength, but I have no means left, so I write this.”

He confessed that he made his debut in July last year even in a desperate situation, including the company’s bankruptcy, and that he had been in conflict with the company and other members since the end of his first activity. Heeseok claimed that he suffered from mischief and verbal violence while having a feud with the members.

Credit: ONO Entertainment

He then went on to say, “Those 8 months were like hell to me. I took medication every day and suffered from severe depression, anxiety, and mental illness to the point that I just wanted to die. Due to such situations, I even attempted suicide. I confessed to the CEO that I attempted to take my own life as I could not bring myself to tell my parents, but he chose to remain silent.“

He later added, “(However) I couldn’t reach the CEO, and he made a false official statement, saying that everything I wrote is false. Also, when I heard that the diagnosis of depression I received was a medical certificate that anyone could get, my heart broke.”

After the revelation, the head of the label said, “We are currently discussing and organizing our position. We will announce it today.”

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