Netizens Point Out that tvN’s New Entertainment Show ‘Summer Vacation’ Has Plagiarized a Japanese Game

Netizens have raised suspicions that producer Na Young Seok’s newly introduced entertainment show Summer Vacation plagiarized the Japanese game “My Summer Vacation.“

On July 18, an article titled “Summer Vacation vs. My Summer Vacation” was posted on the online community, The Qoo.

Credit: tvN, ‘My Summer Vacation’ Game, The Qoo, Wikitree
Credit: tvN, ‘My Summer Vacation’ Game, The Qoo, Wikitree
Credit: tvN, ‘My Summer Vacation’ Game, The Qoo, Wikitree

Comparing the show and the game, the post claimed that the room structure, floor, house, door frame, opening scene, and even the concept of “writing picture diary every night,” “exercising for an hour every day,” and “cooking at least one meal a day” from the show are similar to the game.

It also added that the details of the house, like windows, doors, and overall structure, which were ordinary Korean-style B&B, were redesigned to resemble Japanese-style houses.

Credit: tvN, Dispatch, Online Community

Netizens who saw the post commented, “I thought only the interiors were the same, but I guess the whole concept was copied,” “Even the names are similar,” or “So they made the real-life version of the game.

Summer Vacation, starring Jung Yoo Min and Choi Woo Shik, is a home-cance (home vacance) reality show for adults to find a balance between their tired bodies and minds by enjoying their vacation-like daily lives alone or in a strange place with friends.

The game “My Summer Vacation,” set in Japan in 1975, is an adventure game with the concept of spending summer vacation in the past era.

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