SF9’s Dawon Apologies About the Controversy over His ‘Insincere Dance“

Credit: YouTube ‘M2’

SF9‘s Dawon spoke about the controversy over his insincere attitude.

Earlier on July 12, SF9 participated in a “relay dance video” on Mnet’s YouTube channel “M2” with their new song “Summer Breeze.”

After the video was released, some fans pointer out Dawon’s insincere attitude. They commented, “Dawon seems to be dancing insincerely compared to other members.”

In fact, when other members dances enthusiastically, Dawon just walked by several times after only making a few motions. Also, the part where he covered his mouth as he pretended to curse made fans frown even more.

Immediately after the controversy surfaced, Dawon held Instagram Life on the afternoon of July 13, and said, “THere were many mixed reactions about the relay dance.”

“I’m not the leader, but I thought that I should tell you about my (dance) part. It was careless of me. A lot of you got upset, so I have to make sure I tell you this,” he added. “You’re all right. I made a mistake in understanding the content. I will show you how hard I hard next time to match the purpose (of the content). I’d appreciate your generosity. I believe that things that need to be pointed out have to be pointed out directly.”

Dawon said, “I don’t have many experiences in this job, so I will show you my improvements step by step if you understand me with generosity.”

Finally, he said, “Please don’t think too badly. I/‘ll work harder, so cheer me on. I will sincerely reflect on myself.”


After seeing this, fans showed their supports.

“Come on people, he was having fun in his own way.”

“I understand you. But I think it will be better to not do the hand-covered curse motion thing anymore.”

“We always support you, Dawon.”

“The fact that he apologized like a man (even though I don’t know what the problem is) shows his what a man he is.”

Meanwhile, SF9 released their 8th mini-album 9loryUS on July 6.

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