[Weekly Up & Down] Stars Who Are Also Doing Well Abroad vs. Stars Who Are Embroiled in a Controversy

The entertainment industry is suffering from disclosures and suspicions. Following veteran actor Lee Soon Jae, Shin Hyun Joon was also caught up in a controversy over power abuse. Kim Gun Mo, who was embroiled in allegations of sexual assault, was forwarded to the prosecution with non-indictment disposal from the police against a woman he sued for false accusations. This is because no evidence has been found to support Kim Gun Mo’s claims. On the other hand, Wonder Girls’ Hyerim got married after seven years of dating, while the movie House of Hummingbird, which was released in the United States and Japan, is receiving favorable reviews from overseas audiences and critics.


▲ BLACKPINK Surpasses 10 Billion Views on YouTube

As of July 9, BLACKPINK garnered a total of 10 billion views on YouTube. This is the best record set by a single channel in only 4 years since it was opened on June 28, 2016. The number of subscribers is also increasing rapidly, surpassing 41 million. Billboard also covered the news. They wrote, “This is the sixth-largest number of subscribers following Justin Bieber, Marshmello, Ed Sheeran, Eminem, and Ariana Grande. BLACKPINK is the first non-English-speaking artist to reach 40 million subscribers and the second female artist in the world.”


▲ Son Ye Jin and Lee Sun Kyun to Enter Hollywood?

Credit: tvN, CJ Entertainment

Son Ye Jin and Lee Sun Kyun are expected to enter Hollywood together. The two are positively discussing their appearances in the movie Cross. It is a futuristic movie where a multiracial country gets split into two and tells the story of the people stuck between the two nations, where one side is poor, and one side is wealthy. Andrew Niccol, famous for his science-fiction movies such as In Time and The Truman Show, will be directing the film. Sam Washington, well-known in Korea for his role in Avatar, will be starring in the movie. Cross aims to build a large-scale filming set in Korea in March next year and begin the shooting in earnest.


▽ The Battle for Truth of Heart Signal 3‘s Chun Ahn Na Continues

Credit: Chun Ahn Na Instagram

Chun Ahn Na of Heart Signal 3 was at the center of the talk even before the show started. As news of her appearance spread, those who attended the same university claimed that she bullied her juniors when she was a student. As a result, the controversy over “suspicion of school violence” followed throughout the show, and finally, Chun Ahn Na complained of mental pain via her SNS on July 6. She stated that all allegations are groundless and heralded legal actions against those who spread false rumors. However, a new series of revelations have surfaced, and those who claim to be the victims of her actions said that they are “collecting more cases/evidences,” signaling yet to be finished the battle of truth.


▽ Shin Hyun Joon Embroiled in a Controversy over Power Abuse

Credit: Lotte Entertainment

After his former manager disclosed his actions, Shin Hyun Joon has been under fire for power abuse. The former manager told Sports Today on July 9 that he worked with the actor for 13 years and suffered from power abuse during that period. He claimed that he had suffered from low salaries, frequent complaints, abusive language, excessive pressure over the projects, and Shin Hyun Joon’s mother’s ridiculous errands, including car wash.

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