[PICK] Delightful Romance Movies that Shows the Innermost Thoughts of “Child-Like” Adults

Edited by Hong Hyun Jung
Translated by Kim Hoyeun

Not all adults are mature. They often misunderstand and wander about, disappointing the people around them. Even after becoming adults, we go through growing pains in our own world. This article will introduce 4 movies that feature inner thoughts of grown-ups, who are still immature in a way, with witty humor.


What a Man Wants (2018)

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The movie tells the story of adults who start their affairs due to their own situations. Seok Geun (Lee Sung Min), a playboy who doesn’t stop women from coming and going, Bong Soo (Shin Hae Kyun), a man who lives a disciplined life in every aspect, Je Ni (Lee El), a mysterious and candid who walks into the two men’s lives, and Mi Young (Song Ji Hyo), Seok Geun’s sister who is more enthusiastic about social media than her husband. The story of these four adults are unfolded like a pleasant joke.

It is the remake film of the Czech film Men in Hope and is directed and adapted by Lee Byung Hun, director of Extreme Job, which attracted 10 million viewers. The movie’s key point is that the subject of a rather sensitive subject of affair was depicted in a loveable way with skillful performances of the four actors.


A Good Day to Have an Affair (2007)

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The movie tells the story of married women’s affairs. Lee Seul (Kim Hye Soo), who realized her husband’s longterm affair, and “Little Bird” (Yoon Jin Seo), who is tired of her inattentive and lonely marriage, meet college student (Lee Min Ki) and “Fox #2” (Lee Jong Hyuk), a skillful playboy, and start their affairs. But the secret meetings of these two opposite couples do not last long due to unforeseen circumstances. Is the deviations of these wives over just because the husband caught on to the affair?

Kim Hye Soo, who showed bold acting in her previous film Tazza: The High Rollers, played Lee Seul who starts a revenge-affair in a fit of anger over her husband’s affair, while Lee Min Ki, who was at the peak of his “fresh charm” at that time, played the college student, who Lee Seul had an affair with. Yoon Jin Seo and Lee Jong Hyuk played the sexy adulterous couple. The cheerful rhythm is present throughout the movie. It also focuses on the story of the two women rather than on the provocative subject of an affair, and does not conclude the story in such a conventional way.


Everybody Has Secrets (2004)

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The movie tells the dizzying romance between three sisters with different charms and a man with irresistible charms. Free spirit Mi Young (Kim Hyo Jin) falls in love with Soo Hyun (Lee Byung Hun), a perfect man with fatal appeals. Sun Young (Choi Ji Woo), a naive graduate student, also falls into uncontrollable emotions even though she knows that Soo Hyun is her younger sister’s boyfriend. Then the eldest sister Jin Young (Choo Sang Mi), who is tired of her boring marriage, feels a strange attraction to Soo Hyun. Why are these sisters engaging in a subtle war over one man?

Jang Hyun Soo, director of films Rule of the game and Born to Kill, challenged sexy comedy to capture the secret desires of human beings in a unique composition. At the time, Lee Byung Hun and Choi Ji Woo, who emerged as Hallyu stars, and rookie actors Kim Hyo Jin and Choo Sang Mi, broke away from their previous images to challenge unconventional roles. However, the movie is not as provocative to be rated R.


All About My Wife (2012)

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The movie tells the story of a timid man trying to end his marriage after his fantasy has shattered into pieces. Du Hyun (Lee Sun Kyun), who is afraid of Jung In (Im Soo Jung), who complains about everything after getting married, only wants to put an end to his marriage rather than wonder why his wife, who was perfect before getting married, has changed. By chance, he meets legendary Casanova Sung Ki (Ryu Seung Ryong) and takes a golden opportunity to open a new chapter of his life. Du Hyun asks Sung Ki to seduce his wife, but the relationships among the three starts to head in an unexpected direction.

The movie skipped the dating, which is the core of romance, and unraveled love and relationship based on a new perspective with a differentiated topic, “How can we break up most perfectly?” Based on the Argentine film A Boyfriend for My Wife, director Min Kyu Dong, who has established his own color with delicate directing, directed the film, completing a unique and characteristic romance that is quite rare in Korean cinema.

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