‘Peninsula’ Breaks 62 Percent Booking Rate + Receives Rave Reviews from Foreign Media

With the release of director Yeon Sang Ho’s action blockbuster Peninsula just three days away, the booking rate surpassed 62 percent, followed by a flurry of rave reviews from foreign media, giving the green light to the box office.

According to the Korean Film Council on July 12, the booking rate of Peninsula stood at 62.2 percent, and the number of people who reserved their seats exceeded 78,000.

As the movie industry hit the slump with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Peninsula rose as the reliever.

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Foreign media also gave favorable reviews. Screen Daily wrote, “Riveting from start to end, this is enthralling feature could be the one to reainmate markets in Asia.”

Jason Bechervaise continued, “Yeon’s plot is deliberately straightforward, allowing viewers to focus on the jaw-dropping set-pieces that propel it. These include an extraordinary car chase as Yeon goes full throttle on the Seoul roads in a way that’s reminiscent of sequences from ‘Mad Max: Fury Road.’”

He added, “Also worthy of mention is Mowg’s (Burning) expansive score, Lee Mok-won’s alluring production design and the expert editing by Oscar-nominated Yang Jin-mo (Parasite).”

Peninsula is an action blockbuster film that takes place about four years after Train to Busan and depicts the last struggle of those left in the ruined land.

Kang Dong Won’s stylish action scenes will be jaw-dropping, and Lee Jung Hyun and Lee Re’s car-chasing action is also said to intensify the thrilling and tense atmosphere.

In particular, unline the tragic ending of Train to Busan, Peninsula‘s end that melted the message of hope is also expected to be well received by the audience.

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