The Messages of ‘Was It Love?’ Told by the Actors

The actors of drama Was It Love? delivered messages of encouragement ahead of the first episode on July 8.

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Was It Love? depicts a “four-to-one romance” between Noh Ae Jung, who has been living as a single mother for the past 14 years, and four men with different charms.

The production team said, “As a gift of flower path is presented in front of Jo Ae Jung, we hope that the drama will be a present to those who have given up on dreams and love.” Actors Song Ji Hyo, Son Ho Jun, Song Jong Ho, Koo Ja Sung, and Kim Min Joon also delivered their messages,

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Song Ji Hyo: These days, we are all tired of reality due to unexpected circumstances, and living our lives as we halt something precious. And to those people, I recommend Was It Love? that is full of love and dreams. With “positive power” Ae Jung, I hope you will find yourself who have either been forgotten or ignored and remind yourself of the sunny spring days.

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Son Ho Jun: At any moment, love exists, and if you look around, you may find it close by. That is the key message of Was It Love?. Even if you have given up, a gift-like love, just like Noh Ae Jung, might visit you. I think living a life expecting such a day can give you heart-fluttering moments.

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Song Jong Ho: I think that one’s happiness depends on dreams and love rather than the way the society sees and the surroundings. I hope you don’t give up on hope and live a life of loving someone wholeheartedly.

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Koo Ja Sung: You can never give up on your dreams and love. The more you do, the more you should watch Was It Love?. The romance that suddenly visits Noh Ae Jung, who believe there is no such thing as love, and the series of events she faces as she moves forward to fulfill her dream of becoming a movie producer will act a wake-up call to remind the “hotness” in your hearts that you have forgotten.

Credit: JTBC

Kim Min Joon: Dreams and love are not something that you give up on. Until the day you close your eyes, you have to keep them in your hearts. Such dreams and love that have been sitting in your hearts will one day come true. Just like how Ah Jung gets one step closer to her dream of “movies.” In this sense, Was It Love? is a drama that makes us realize how beautiful the times of dreaming and loving are.

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