Suzy Unveils “Cutie Petite Lovely Chic” Pictorial to Mark Her 10th Anniversary of Debut

Suzy released a “Cutie Petite Lovely Chic” pictorial to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her debut.

Suzy overwhelmed the atmosphere through her pictorial in YouTube Life & Style channel MonoTube’s first magazine, released on July 2.


Suzy’s freewheeling images, which can never be captured with a single photo, are packed in more than 30 photos. Above all, Suzy’s colorful charms, which have been proven in numerous dramas, movies, and performances over the past decade, are well expressed in the pictorial.

The cover of the magazine is especially admired for its flawless image of Suzy, who looked even more perfect in close-up shoot under the light that highlights the contrast.


She has quietly lit her own candle in the middle of intense spotlights over the past 10 years. The photo book is expected to be the first MonoTube’s first attempt to capture the artist’s inner candle. In addition, all articles in the magazine were written in both Korean and English for fans all around the world.

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