Sunmi Coolly Answers to the Question of “Did you have a breast augmentation?”

Credit: YouTube ‘1theK Originals’

Sunmi personally explained the controversy over breast augmentation.

In the video posted on YouTube by 1theK Originals, Sunmi appeared to respond to various comments about her.

During the video, Sumi brought up the topic herself. She introduced a picture she took recently, and said, “This was taken by my younger brother. He’s majoring in photography.”

The picture showed Sunmi staring at the camera with only a black jacket on top and bold accessories.

What was controversial among the fans was none other than breast augmentation. Sunmi added, “After this photo was released, overseas fans told me, ‘You had a breast augmentation. Explain yourself.’”

She coolly answered, “I didn’t have a breast augmentation. And they’re not even that big.”

Fans cheered her, saying, “Don’t give a second thought to those losers,” “She gained weight cause she was so thin, and naturally, her breasts got bigger. What do you not understand?” or “Come on people, mind your own business.”

Meanwhile, Sunmi made a comeback with her new sing “pporappippam” on June 29.

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