Lee Min Ho is King with 65 Million Followers


Credit: MYM Ent.

Lee Min Ho continued to lead the strong influence of the Korean Wave (hallyu) with his overwhelming number of followers on social media.

On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter his social media accounts reached 17.3 million, 16.6 million, and 3 million respectively. His Weibo account surpassed 28.5 million. With a grand total of 65 million followers, Lee Min Ho has the most followers of social media compared to any other Korean Actor.

Credit: MYM Ent.

In particular, in the case of Weibo and Facebook, it is showing the enormous global popularity as the most followed figure among all Korean figures, including singers and actors.

Even after the SBS The King: Eternal Monarch ended on the 12th, Lee Min Ho’s global popularity continues to rise. Lee Min Ho’s mature acting that doubled the aura and dignity of Emperor Yi Gon of the Korean Empire. We look forward to what lies ahead for his outstanding career.

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  • Like wine tastes better with age, that’s LMH, he gets better both in looks & acting. Plus the fact he has this enigmatic charisma.#leeminhoforever.0

  • I admire not only his looks but his candid personality. An avid fan forever. Keep up inspiring the universe. God speed.

  • Lee Min Ho is one who delivers. From features to character projection, he never fails to captivate his audience. Everyone is just so eager to wait and follow his next step.

  • It was my first time to watch Lee Min Ho in TKEM because I always thought he was too hip. I was then surprised by his maturity not only in his appearance but by his acting in this drama. He was regal, mature, courageous and wise as Lee Gon but at the same time playful and loving. Contrary to some opinion, I loved TKEM and I am looking forward to Lee Min Ho’s and Kim Go Eun’s next project.

  • This young man is maturing like fine wine!… his role as Lee Gon got my vote!… hope to see him in new projects, witness his transformation and his hard work! Well done LMH!… 😍… love you!

  • I like LMH, but I really want to watch him act in true to life or real life drama. I’m really disappointed with “the King.” Fans don’t get offended, there’s nothing we can get or to learn from watching it. I did finish watching it, but until the finale ends with the fake world.

  • Love watching Koreon movies Lee Ming Ho has added delight to my watching foreign movies, not watching american movies any more! Keep entaining korea!

  • You are handsome indeed. Your face is enough. Everything is almost perfect ok? I follow u coz u are my fav actor. I watched Monarch King , your acting is great there but I don’t like ur partner. I already saw u in person twice when u visited our country. Oppah

  • 65 million is abit dubious though, because a follower has account on all the three social networking sites.. twitter, Facebook and Instagram…. Leave china aside… So fans following individually if we screen it would be lesser than that. Just saying… No offense… I respect him..

  • Your acting is the best… i am looking forward for more projects for you.. having a golden ❤️ .. lee min ho forever i love you.. 💕❤️ you re perfectly handsome..

  • Yes , he is my favourite actor in terms of looks & charisma. My impression is that he is a nice & humble guy. Welcome back.

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