Kang Dong Won Coolly Answers the Controversy Over His Recent Looks

Credit: YouTube ‘Monotube’

Kang Dong Won responded coolly to the recent controversy over how he looked at the press conference.

On June 20, Kang Dong Won coolly responded to the controversy over his recent looks through a live broadcast on YouTube channel “Monotube.”

On his first-ever YouTube live stream, Kang Dong Won drew attention with his witty talks. He also mentioned the recent controversy that sparked from his photos at the press conference for Peninsula. He said, “My face was swollen that day, and I wasn’t in good condition that day. Now, I’m getting older, so there are times like this and times like that.”

When asked about his MBTI, he answered that he is INTJ. The analysis came out as “refrain from obvious and banal chatter,” he nodded, saying, “I do joke a lot, but I only say what I want to say in general.” As a hobby he enjoys these days, he chose “watching baseball.” “My family is from Changwon, so I am NC Dinos’s fan.”

To the question, “When will you get old?,” he answered, “It’s getting tougher and tougher,” giving a big laugh. At the end of the streaming, Kang Dong Won said, “Everyone is having a hard time, so let’s cheer up and overcome it. I hope we can get through it well,” encouraging his fans.

Kang Dong Won is getting ready to meet audiences with Peninsula next month.

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