U-Kiss & ‘The Unit’ & Acting – 23-Year-Old Lee Jun Young’s Worries

Lee Jun Yung played the role of Kang Woo Won, a supercilious top star in Good Casting. After bickering with Yoo In Young, his opponent, he slowly realized his true feeling about her and confessed his feeling, raising the excitement for female viewers.

Lee Jun Young, the youngest actor of Good Casting, originally made his debut as a member of U-Kiss. He joined the team in 2014 and proved his skills by ranking first among all male contestants in the 2018 idol rebooting project The Unit. At the same time, he started his acting career by appearing in Avengers Social Club, Goodbye to Goodbye, and Class of Lies.

In an interview held to mark the end of Good Casting, he shared how he feels about being a part of the drama and about 23-year-old Lee Jun Young.


Q1. How do you feel about finishing the drama?

A1. I was happy and had a lot of fun while filming.


Q2. You first challenged your first comedy acting with Good Casting.

A2. It was difficult. It had the most comical setting among all the works I’ve participated in so far. Rather than trying to be funny, I thought it was a real merit to be funny without trying to be funny.

Credit: SBS

Q3. You had a romance with Yoo In Young in the play despite your 13-year age difference.

A3. I think it was okay because she looks so young and I look a bit older than my age. She started working in the field 14 years before I made my debut, so I was anxious about making mistakes, but she reached out to me first.


Q4. The role you played has not much experience with girls.

A4. I also don’t have much experience in dating either. In fact, Yoo In Young is the one who made the atmosphere between us so good. I didn’t do anything special.


Q5. I can’t believe you don’t have much experience in dating.

A5. I really don’t have a lot of dating experiences. It’s incredible to see how celebrities are naturally asked, “how many celebrities asked you out?” I really didn’t have any such experiences. You know how people say that Idol Star Athletics Championships is where all dating begins. I couldn’t tell it even when I participated. My goal is to win the medal.

Credit: tvN, OCN

Q6. How did you start acting?

A6. I acted for the first time while filming the music video, but I took longer than other members. I wanted to do well and had fun practicing expressions, so I got curious about acting.


Q7. You’ve also appeared in The Unit. But I’m sure a lot of people know you as an actor these days.

A7. Those who saw The Unit know me as U-Kiss’s Jun. But those who saw me through dramas know me as actor Lee Jun Young. At first, I felt bad about appearing on The Unit, but I had a desire to perform in Korea, so I made my mind (to appear in the show).


Q8. Do you have any celebrities of your age who you rely on?

A8. I don’t have many celebrity friends, but I got close to Kwon Hyun Bin, whom (Block B’s) Jaehyo introduced me to.


Q9. What are your concerns about your next work?

A9. I’m talking a lot with my agency because I want to set my direction as an actor. I am also preparing for my solo career.


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