IU Reveals How Expensive the Dolls Used in Her Concert Were

Credit: YouTube, EDAM Entertainment

IU recalled her past concerts.

On June 11, IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment, posted a video on its official YouTube channel with the title “[IU’s Homebody signal] Everything of IU concert.”

In the video, IU invited Cho Hyun Woo, who has been directing her concerts since 2017, as a guest.

During the video, Cho Hyun Woo chose IU’s “RAIN DROP” as a song that he hopes IU will sing in her concerts. To which, IU replied, “The song is so difficult that my neck condition changes whenever I sing it. That’s why I sing it as an encore.”

Also, he revealed that for the 2018 Dlwlrma concert, IU’s 10th Anniversary Tour, IU requested that the concert feel like an amusement park. So in order to fulfill her request, Cho Hyun Woo created the “Marshmallow” stage featuring marshmallow dolls.

IU said, “How many marshmallows did we use? And how much was it for each?” He replied, “There were 24 of them, and each of them was about 2 million KRW (approx. 1,662 USD).”

“That’s right. Each doll cost about that. We spent a lot of money for that concert,” she added.

The two talked more about their past concerts, and IU finished the video by saying, “Cho Hyun Wo was the first guest of my show. There might not be any more guests.”

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