BTS Successfully Held “BANG BANG CON The Live” Today

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

BTS held a live performance “BANG BANG CON The Live” on June 14.

“BANG BANG CON The Live” is a new live performance prepared by BTS and lasted for 90 minutes with the concept of inviting ARMY to BTS’s rooms. More than 682,000 people connected to the concert from the beginning, realizing the global popularity of BTS.

The concert was well-received by fans as it allowed them to enjoy performances more vividly with six multi-view screens. Choosing their favorite angles, fans enjoyed all the stages in real-time.

“BANG BANG CON The Live” started with RM’s comment, “Welcome. It’s your first time at BANG BANG CON, right?” His welcome was soon followed by “DOPE” and “Boyz with Fun,” instantly boosting the excitement.

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

After the intermission, the unit group performances were arranged. J-Hope & Jin & Jungkook’s “Jamais Vu,” RM & Suga’s “Respect,” and Jimin & V’s “Friends” were performed, giving a whole new fun and charms of unit groups different from those of BTS as a whole.

They said, “We believe that the day will come soon when we can get together (in person) and enjoy the performances together. We pray that ARMY will cheer up. We’ll also cheer up and sing out best till the end,” promising the fans to meet again. Then BTS continued their performance of “Go Go” and “Anpanman.”

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

BTS members, who reappeared on the stage, had time to share their thoughts on the concert. J-Hope said, “I realized today once again that I am a singer and this is what I do. I’m so happy to be sweating on stage again.” Jimin said, “Because we love performing on stage, it’s hard to spend time with just our members. So we are trying our best to grow and doing well. So don’t worry about us and hope you find something that makes you happy in such times.”

RM said, “We don’t know when we can face each other, but we’ll do everything we can.”Jungkook said, “I thought a lot about performing on stage and looked up a ton of videos of us performing. I missed you guys so much. I’m looking forward to the day I meet you.” Suga said, “I need shouts so that I can recharge, but it was a shame that I couldn’t personally hear them. But fans from all over the world are watching this. Thank you.”

Credit: Big Hit Entertainment

V said, “If ARMY are happy, we will be very happy, but our wishes are to feel the voice, eyes, and the heat of ARMY. I love you.” Jin said, “Originally, our contract was supposed to end yesterday, but thankfully and fortunately, we can continue on because I was able to meet members and good agency.”

BTS wrapped up “BANG BANG CON The Live” as they sang “Spring Day” as an encore song.

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