‘Running Man’ Will Hold Special Live Broadcast to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary

Credit: Sports Donga

Running Man will arrange a special live broadcast to celebrate the 10th anniversary in July.

According to a source, Running Man will hold a special live broadcast at 5:00 p.m. on July 12 KST, to communicate with viewers in real-time.

During the special event, members will receive ideas from viewers via social media and messages, and those ideas will be reflected in the event right away.

It will be the first time for all Running Man members to join the live broadcast since its first episode, which aired back on July 11, 2010.

The 10th-anniversary special event is also designed to soothe the disappointment of the cast who cannot meet viewers in person due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Previously, the production team planned overseas tours, including the Philippines, to celebrate the 10th anniversary, but postponed all schedules until after December. They also sought an opportunity to meet local fans, but because it was practically impossible, they reportedly chose “no contact communication method.”

Also, since there have been constant requests for “live broadcast,” the upcoming event will surely provide a dynamic, unique fun for fans.

Currently, the production team is agonizing over the concept of the special event and how viewers can participate.

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