Shin Hye Sun Talks About Her Career and Her New Film ‘Innocence’

Shin Hye Sun is an actor who has hit the jackpot with every drama she appeared in, rapidly rising from a minor role to a leading role. Having established herself as a go-to actor with her solid tone and bold expressions, she challenged herself to star in her first commercial film with Innocence.

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“I’m still a rookie, but I feel even more ‘rookie-like’ now that I’m interviewing for a movie. When I just made a debut, I felt strange looking at myself appearing on the media, but now I feel the same way again.”

The upcoming film Innocence, which is set to be released on June 10, is about the struggles of a daughter, who is also a lawyer, to prove the innocence of her mother, who is accused of murder. Shin Hye Sun worked with Bae Jong Ok as she played the role of Jung In, an ace lawyer at a large law firm.

Shin Hye Sun, who is more familiar with the drama industry, candidly confessed about working on a movie as a leading role for the first time. She said, “There is not that big of a difference, but the long waiting time was hard to adjust to.”

“It was a movie that I filmed while reflecting on my lack of ability. The emotions change in the second half, but at first, I couldn’t really understand why. If you don’t know the reason behind the lines and actions, it becomes very difficult to act. It was a psychological problem, but I got a lot of help from the director,” she added. “Jung in is different from me. I got more understandings about the things that I couldn’t comprehend from reading the script after filming with Bae Jong Ok.”

Credit: Kidari ENT

From minor roles to leading roles, the fast-growing Shin Hye Sun could not hide her shyness when asked about the secret of her “rapid growth.” “I just keep thinking that I’m really lucky. Many different roles were offered, so I got to play both strong and soft characters. I think it was easier for people who see different sides of me because I got to show such diverse looks,” she said.

Finally, Shin Hye Sun expressed her honest feelings, saying, “the reviews I want to hear the most is the ‘Innocence’ is fun,” she stressed. “I hope many people can sympathize with our movie’s emotions. It’s a movie that throws topics that viewers can talk about. I hope you will have a pleasant conversation about laws, family, and relationships.”

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