Trot Singers Jang Yoon Jung and Song Ga In’s Fandoms Are Having a Fierce Battle Online


The fandoms of trot singers Jang Yoon Jung and Song Ga In are battling online.

The debate began in April 2019 when a video titled “Miss Trot’s LOL Model Jang Yoon Jung’s ‘Train to Mokpo’” was uploaded on YouTube’s TV Chosun channel.

In the video, Jang Yoon Jung sang her title song, “Train to Mokpo.” Later, Song Ga In, who was watching the stage admirations, was caught on the screen.

The controversy began when Song Ga In’s fandom unilaterally disparaged Hang Yoon Jung in comments. Then, Jang Yoon Jung’s fandom joined the debate, which led to a controversy over her skills.

However, people are criticizing, “It is absurd to question whether Jang Yoon Jung is qualified to be a judge.” The most prevailing opinion is that “Jang Yoon Jung is the one who grabbed trot, which was relatively an unpopular genre till about a year ago, and carried it to where it is now.”

Other comments are:

“Song Ga In is good, but Jang Yoon Jung is great.”

“You do know that no matter what you guys say, Song Ga In respects Jang Yoon Jung.”

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