Ahn Young Mi’s Reactions to Park Na Rae Winning the Baeksang Arts Award is Hilarious

When Ahn Young Mi missed the chance to win the award, her reactions fans cracking up.

Ahn Young Mi was nominated for Best Female Variety Star at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards, which was held on June 5. The five candidates, Kim Min Kyung, Park Na Rae, Ahn Young Mi, Jang Do Yeon, and Hong Hyung Hee, were shown on the screen as they were introduced.


As comedians, they waited for the winner to be announced as they showed off their own unique expressions. And when Park Na Rae was called out as the winner, Ahn Young Mi seen mouthing the words “Ah Sheeb**…(Ah Fu**…). “It was a momentary scene, but it was a reaction that had never been spotted before.

The screen went straight to Park Na Rae. She got on stage with a shocked face, and Ahn Young Mi was seen sincerely congratulating her.

Credit: JTBC

However, while Park Na Rae was delivering her acceptance speech, Ahn Young Mi was shown on the screen again. As soon as the camera caught her, she immediately changed her expression and turned her face, as if she was not agreeing to the result.

Many fans are enjoying the video due to everyone’s amusing reactions but are especially amused by Ahn Young Mi’s hilarious moments.

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