People Show Two Opposite Reactions to P.O’s Outburst in the Middle of ‘Amazing Saturday’

P.O (Pyo Ji Hoon)’s outburst in the middle of tvN’s Amazing Saturday has spread the controversy over his attitude.

Credit: tvN

During the latest episode of tvN’s Amazing Saturday, which aired on May 9, P.O appeared quite enthusiastic to guess the answer to the quiz “What’s Your Name �” Mobile Phone.”

At first, P.O and Hyeri called their names out together, and when Boom picked Hyeri to answer first, he stopped the filming to check the camera to see sho called their name first. Then, after a few tries later, P.O got the right answer and was awarded a snack.

Later, he was seen yelling at Kim Dong Hyun, saying, “It’s none of your business. I’ll eat it as I want. Say something after you get the answer right. Stop telling me how to eat it.”

The reason for P’O’s outburst was soon revealed. Kim Dong Hyun nagged and even lectured P.O on how to eat the donut “correctly.” It seems that as he kept watching P.O eating the donut, P.O got annoyed.

People are showing two opposite reactions to P.O’s sudden outburst. Some are saying that he went too far and that it was “uncomfortable to watch it.” Some even went as far as demanding the production team to drop him from the show.

However, some are saying that they “don’t understand what the problem is.” They are focusing that it is just an entertainment show and the fact that the two are really close from working together on numerous shows.

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