Song Yoon Ah Flies into Rage When a Ghost Follower Accused Her of Affair

Actor Song Yoon Ah drew attention by keeping her courtesy even when she refuted the rude question suspecting her of an affair.

Credit: OSEN

On April 26, Song Yoon Ah posted a lengthy message as she participated in the book challenge on her Instagram. However, a ghost follower commented on the post, raising suspicions of an affair between Song Yoon Ah and her husband, Sol Kyung Koo.

He wrote, “I have a question. Did you really not have an affair?”

To which, Song Yoon Ah replied, “You can’t live your entire life good and upright, but there are things that you shouldn’t morally do. I, too, lived my life with the pride that I haven’t done such a bad thing,” dismissing the allegations altogether.

She continued, “The question you asked me is something you absolutely should not have done. I hope that your life will always be filled with good things in this time when everyone is struggling.”

She stayed polite till the end and said, “Can you delete this question? May I erase it?”

Credit: Han Kyung

In response to such a rude question, the public is showing their discomfort. People are saying that the fact that a ghost account wrote the question in a public space and the fact that he mentioned a rumor that had nothing to do with the actor’s post regarding the book challenge is certainly ill-mannered.

This isn’t the first time she had denied the rumors of the affair with Sol Kyung Goo, who she married in 2009.

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