‘The World of the Married’ Heavily Under Fire for Its Assault Scene in the Recent Episode

JTBC’s The World of the Married has been embroiled in controversy over its provocative attack scene.

In the 8th episode of The World of the Married, which aired on April 18, Park In Kyu (Lee Hak Ju) broke into Ji Sun Woo’s (Kim Hee Ae) house by breaking the window and attacked her. The scene was trying to show the revenge of Lee Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon), the ex-husband of Ji Sun Woo, but an excessively provocative description of the scene became a problem.

When the scene was aired, the identity of the assailant was not shown. Only Kim Hee Ae was shown in the scene, being yanked by her hair and strangled. The scene, which lasted for several minutes, was filmed in the first-person narrative of the assailant.

In fact, the indiscriminate display of violence was enough to stimulate further fear in a society where crimes against women are rampant. Also, the fact that the drama, staring with the eighth episode, was rated PG-13 (15 in Korea), not R, became even more problematic. Immediately after the broadcast, the viewers’ bulletin board of the drama was bombarded with negative comments. These comments reached as many as 45 pages.

They wrote, “the worst scene ever. Do they not know such depiction can stimulate the trauma of real victims?,” “a scene that never considered imitation crimes,” “I was so disgusted, I just couldn’t’ continue to watch it,” “Is this a VR game? What’s the point of seeing this in the assailant’s point of view?” and “I’m not going to watch this drama ever again.”

Credit: JTBC

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