[PICK] Highly Expected 8 Korean Films to Be Released When the Aftermath of Coronavirus Dials Down

Edited by Hwang Hong Sun
Translated by Kim Hoyeun


The entire movie industry has hit a rocky patch under the influence of coronavirus. The theater is empty, and the upcoming films have mostly been postponed. Everyone is facing difficult times. Nevertheless, movies that have set the premiere date in summer are starting to unveil the trailers and still photos. Also, some new films are undergoing reviews by the Korea Media Rating Board. When the time passes, surely, the theater will once again be filled with good movies and crowded with the audience. I pray that day will come as soon as possible, and I will introduce highly anticipated Korean films, either postponed the released date due to coronavirus or currently in the review to receive results from the Rating Board, that recently started their promotional activities.


Innocent (literal translation)

Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment Korea

Innocent depicts the story of Jung In, a lawyer struggling to clear her mother’s name. The movie revolves around the “makgeolli pesticide murder” case that occurred during the funeral of Jung In’s father. Shin Hye Sun, who has been active in both small and big screen, has taken her first lead role in a movie. Bae Jong Ok plays Jung In’s mother, Hwa Ja, a murder suspect who lost her memory whereas Heo Jun Ho will play the role of the mayor of Daecheon trying to cover up the truth, completing one impressive cast. The fun of a mystery drama trying to find the truth and the moving scenes of family love are also expected.




After being missing for 25 years, little sister Yoo Jin has finally returned home. The family cries out with joy, but the older brother, Seo Jin, is unfamiliar with his sister. Moreover, since her return, strange happenings started to occur in the family, making him grow even more suspicious about her. Song Ji Hyo and Kim Moo Yeol, who each plays Yoo Jin and Seo Jin, will present a full-fledged family suspense by portraying siblings who meet for the first time in 25 years but only grow suspicions towards one another. The movie will maintain the tension till the end by increasing the curiosity about Yoo Jin’s identity.




Call is a mystery thriller that takes place when two lead characters, living in different time zones, get connected through a phone call. Seo Yeon and Young Sook build their friendship after realizing that they are living in the same house despite the 20 years or so time difference. However, the story unfolds in earnest as the two figure out that they should have never met in the midst of the revealed truth. Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo each played Seo Yeon and Young Sook, who continue to communicate through the phone as their future and lives are at stake. The fact that this is the first feature work directed by Lee Chung Hyun, who swept both domestic and foreign festivals with his short film, is raising the anticipation.


Hostage (literal translation)

Credit: CJ Entertainment

The film depicts an actor’s struggle as he got involved in the worst-ever hostage incident. Hwang Jung Min plays the role of “actor Hwang Jung Min” in the film and present the showdown with the attackers. It is also noteworthy that most of the actors who appear in the film, except Hwang Jung Min, are all rookies, to increase the level of immersion. The curiosity is growing as to what kind of a breathtaking story will be delivered by Phil Gam Sung, who will make his debut with Hostage. The film is currently awaiting its premiere after being rated by Korea Media Rating Board.


The Golden Holiday


It is a comedy investigation film, in which a detective gets involved in a global crime during his first overseas trip. The struggle of the lead character, Byung Soo, who has gone from a tourist to wanted criminal, begins. Eighty percent of the film was filmed in the Philippines, and actor Kwak Do Won has challenged his first comedy act. In addition, Kim Dae Myung, Kim Hee Won, and Kim Sang Ho will play major roles, and will present a pleasant chemistry.


Robbing a Grave (literal translation)

Credit: CJ Entertainment

The film tells the story of Dong Gu, who was born as a natural tomb-thief, as he digs up artifacts with experts from all over the country. This is the debut film of Park Jung Bae, who acted as an assistant-director in Miss Granny, SILENCED, and My Father. Lee Je Hoon will play the lead role, Dong Gu, whereas Jo Woo Jin will instill the tension in the film. Shin Hye Sun and Lim Woo Hee will also join the team, raising the expectation for their thriller caper movie.


Hero (literal translation)

Credit: CJ Entertainment

Hero, which recently made headlines by releasing the first trailer, is the first Korean musical film. The film follows the last year of Ahn Jung Geun, who was sentenced to death after killing Ito Hirobumi in Harbin in October 1909. Jung Sung Hwa, who played the role of Ahn Jung Geun in the original musical of the same title, will appear in the film as well, further heightening the expectations. Director Yoon Je Kyun, known for Haeundae and Ode to My Father, will present a new challenge for the first time in Korean film history this summer.



Credit: NEW

The film is an action blockbuster, in which those are left in the devastated land fight the zombies in the final battle, four years after Train to Busan. Yeon Sang Ho has directed the film once again, following Train to Busan. Along with Hero, it is considered the most anticipated Korean movies to come out this summer. Recently, the posters and still photos were released as part of the promotion. Peninsula is a work that is closer to a ‘universe’ rather than a sequel to Train to Busan, which depicts another story unfolding in the same worldview. Kang Dong Won will play the role of Jung Seok, presenting a fierce battle against the zombies, and Lee Jung Hyun will lead the movie by playing Min Jung, the survivor. In addition, Kwon Hae Hyo, Kim Min Jae, and Koo Kyo Hwan appear in the film, portraying the conflicts between the characters and war against the zombies.

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