Chun Woo Hee Will Begin Filming for ‘Story of You and the Rain’

Actor Chun Woo Hee confirmed her role in the upcoming film, Story of You and the Rain (literal translation), and will begin filming soon.

Credit: Namoo Actors

Story of You and the Rain is a new film directed by Cho Jin Mo, who directed Suspicious Customers. The film will present a warm story of three young people who get involved with each other as they go through the process of meeting and waiting. Chun Woo Hee will play the role of So Jin.

The actor said, “This is a work that shows a warm emotions, which is pretty rare these days. This is why I chose the film. I will do my best.” She also added, “I cam looking forward to meet fellow actors and I believe that we will have fun. I will concentrate on the scene so that I can deliver good energy to the audience.”

Meanwhile, Chu Woo Hee confirmed her appearance in both Story of You and the Rain and Anchor (literal translation), grabbing the attention. Story of You and the Rain will begin filming in a few days.

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