What Kind of Drama is ‘The World of the Married’?

Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon invite the viewers to the world of hot and unconventional couple.

Credit: JTBC

The World of the Married, the remake of BBC’s Doctor Foster, tells a story of a couple falling into a whirlwind of emotions as their relationship, which they believed was love, was severed by betrayal. The drama drew attention even before the official release with the meeting between director Mo Wan Il, known for his meticulous production of following the essence of emotions through Misty, and actor Kim Hee Ae, returning to the small screen after four years. Also the fact that the drama was rated R until the sixth episode for its realistic story, catches the eye.

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Ji Sun Woo, played by Kim Hee Ae, is a self-made family medicine specialist with a happy family, a husband’s unwavering love, a son living up to expectations, status, and fame in the community. But, her life fluctuates as a hole surfaced in her seemingly solid happiness. The moment she realizes that all the envies she received were nothing but a well-packaged emptiness, she can’t stop running towards the end even if it destroys her.

Kim Hee Ae said, “I finally got to say hello in four years through ‘The World of the Married.’ I’m excited and nervous, waiting for viewers” responses.” Then, Kim Hee Ae expressed confidence in the drama, saying, “Passionate actors and producers have come together and work really hard to produce a higher quality drama.” The key point of her character is the fierce psychology as her life turns upside down. “It would be nice if you would watch if Ji Sun Woo’s life would meet a happy ending or the opposite as she struggles with the relationship that cannot be grasped.”

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Park Hae Joon will take on the role of Lee Tae Oh, the husband of Ji Sun Woo, who faces the quicksand after a momentary betrayal. He will enliven the tension as he tiptoes around the confusion and distorted lies. Park Hae Joon explained, “We [Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh] will deal with the couple’s conflicts with great tension and don’t miss the inner psychology as well. The way we deal with the truth is very different.” He then added, “The drama will allow us to think deeply about what’s important and wise in life. If you answer the questions that ‘The World of the Married’ asks you, you may be able to change your life.” He also pointed out that “the actions of different characters surrounding Ji Sun Woo will captivate the viewers.”

Credit: JTBC
Credit: JTBC

One other key point of the drama is the troubled couples living in the townhouse, not to mention Ji Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh. Park Sun Young and Kim Young Min appear as Ko Ye Rim and Son Je Hyeok, who pretends to not know the secrets of each other to protect their world. Whereas Lee Kyung Young and Kim Sun Kyung will play Yeo Byung Kyu and Um Hyo Jung, a couple with power and wealth. The unpredictable story will unfold as a crack begins in what is seemingly the perfect neighbors.

JTBS’s The World of the Married, a follow-up of Itaewon Class, will premiere at 10:50 p.m. on March 27 KST.

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