Stray Kids to Drop Their New Song ‘Even a Fool Knows’

K-POP group Stray Kids will be releasing their new digital single.

JYP Entertainment reported that Stray Kids will be releasing their digital single Mixtape: Even a Fool Knows at 6:00 p.m. on March 25.

The song is the second album to come out as part of the “mixtape project” that tells the stories of troubled ones in the song. Last December, they launched the project by released Mixtape: Gone Days.

The new song, in which Changbin participated in writing and composing, is a hip-hop based song that talks about one’s courage to take a step closer to his dream.

Credit: JYP Entertainment

On March 20, Stray Kids posted posters of each member announcing the release of the new song. Also, the phrases from the lyrics are included in the posters, catching the eye.

Also, every member is wearing a school uniform, to which they explained, “We used a school drama as the concept of the upcoming music video and wanted to deliver the excitement even from the posters.”

Previously, Stray Kids released their best album SKZ2020, making their official debut in Japan.

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