The Copy of BTS V’s Passport Was Leaked

The controversy was sparked as a copy of BTS V’s passport was leaked.

Credit: YNA, YouTube Channel Community

A passport copy that was believed to belong to V was uploaded in a YouTube channel’s community, ran by a stalker-fan around 1:00 p.m. on March 18 KST.

The document, appeared to have been written in China, shows the front page of the passport with information of V’s real name, resident registration number and passport number.

There is, of course, a possibility that the passport in question was forged. Unlike ordinary passports, the issuance date and expiration date are slightly different. Currently, the picture has been deleted.

V previously revealed his grievances against stalker-fans while communicating with fans through V LIVE last December. He said, “I will speak on behalf of entire BTS members. You know we ride the chartered plane. In fact, we want to fly on planes, but whether we travel long distance or short distance, there are some fans who reserve the seats next or the seats in front of us.”

He added, “It’s uncomfortable to not be able to rest even in private places. To be honest, it’s really scary.”

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