WINNER Will Release Their New Song ‘Hold’

WINNER is releasing their new song “Hold” on March 26.

This is a pre-release song for the new album. Fans’ expectations are soaring further on the news of WINNER’s new album release, which has yet to be decided on whether it’s going to be a full-length or a mini-album.

Credit: YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment posted a “family photo” of the group on official blog at 9:00 a.a. on March 17. All members of the group, including Lee Seung Hoon, are present, completing the family photo of WINNER.

The words “’PRE-RELEASE SINGLE” and “Hold” are conspicuously placed to top of the black and white photo, clearly announcing the fact that the song is a pre-released song of the album.

Previously, WINNER held “WINNER CROSS SPECIAL LIVE” with 960,000 viewers, where they announced that they are planning on pre-releasing one song in advance before the official album.

Meanwhile, WINNER releases their mini-albums WE and CROSS last year, and successfully completed their Asia tour in eight cities starting in Seoul.

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