Sooyoung Thanks Her Boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho For His Support

As Choi Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation thanked her boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho for his support, the public is rooting for the two actors who have been in love for eight years.

Credit: Saram Entertainment, OCN

On March 16, Choi posted photos of food truck sent as a gift on her Instagram story.

Currently, Choi is being praised for her solid acting skills as she plays the role of Cha Soo Young, a warm-hearted and faithful police officer, in OCN’s original Tell Me What You Saw.

Since then, many of her fans and friends sent her gifts, including the food truck. Of them, her lover Jung Kyung Hoo stands out. He also sent the food truck to her filming site to show his support.


The banner that came with the food truck writes, “Keep it up, Choi Sooyoung” and “Rooting for all the actors and staff of ‘Tell Me What You Saw’! Please enjoy your meal and good luck till the end. From Jung Kyung Ho.” In response Sooyoung replied, “I am fully charged and start running again.”

Jung and Choi started dating in 2012, admitted their relationship to the public in 2014. Since then, they solidified their relationship, becoming the one of the “best couple” in entertainment industry.

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