‘Itaewon Class’ Sparked Curiosity with Its Shocking Ending in the Recent Episode

Itaewon Class raised the attention of the viewers with its shocking ending on episode 14.

The recent episode of JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama, Itaewon Class, which aired on March 14, recorded 14.2% nationwide viewer ratings and 15.6% ratings in the Seoul metropolitan area.

Credit: JTBC

During the episode, Park Sae Roy had a late awakening of his feelings for Jo Yi Seo and was caught in an accident as he rushed to save her.

Throughout the drama, Jo had expressed her love for Park, which was never answered. However, in the recent episode, Park finally realized his feelings for her. Meanwhile, Jo challenged to win the sit of non-executive director of Jangga with an ambitious plan to oust Jang Dae Hee from his chair. But with the interference of Jang brothers, she fails to win the sit and even fainted from overworking.

By the end of the episode, Jo was shown kidnapped by Jang Geun Won, the eldest son of Jang Dae Hee, who holds the grudge against Park. After he rushed over to save Jo, he was hit by the car and was seen collapsed, bleeding from his head. It was a “shocking ending.”

As the episode ended with an unpredictable developments and the trailer for the next episode was no where to be seen, the curiosity as to what happens next has been amplified.

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