‘Itaewon Class’ Top 3 Songs that Captivated the Viewers

The OST songs of JTBC’s Itaewon Class are gaining huge popularity.

Credit: JTBC

Since recording the highest viewer ratings for the first episode (5.0% Nielsen Korea) in the entire JTBC drama history, Itaewon Class made headlines by topping the drama category in Good Data Corporation, the data analysis company, for three consecutive weeks as it achieved 10.0% viewer ratings in just two weeks.

Thanks to the drama on the rise with its popularity, soundtracks have also become a hot topic. Not only the songs that have already been released, BTS V’s “Sweet Night,” scheduled to be released tomorrow, is receiving much attention. V, who acted as both a producer and a singer in the upcoming song, is known to be a close friend of Park Seo Joon, the actor currently starring in Itaewon Class. Before the official release of “Sweet Night,” let’s take a look at now-loved soundtracks of the drama.


  1. Gaho ” Start

Gaho’s “Start” is the representative song of the drama, which currently ranks the highest. “Start” talks about the overall story in the drama of the characters overcoming any adversity with a positive mind. So naturally, the song blends well with any scene of Itaewon Class.

  1. Ha Hyun Woo ” Stone Block

The popularity of “Stone Block,” sang by Guckkasten’s vocal Ha Hyun Woo, is not to be sneezed at. The song, which features Ha’s explosive vocals with sophisticated and powerful rock sound, showed its presence as the theme song of Park Sae Roy who always stick to his guns and continues moving forward. Especially, the song presented a powerful ending in the 12th episode as it came out in the background along with the poem read by Jo Yi Seo (Kim Dami) to cheer Ma Hyun Yi (Lee Joo Young). After the broadcast, “Stone Block” draw explosive responses by topping the real-time search word and various music charts.

  1. Yoon Mirae ” Say

Yoon Mirae’s “Say” has been on a steady rise, with a response that it highlight the poignant love of the character. The song talks about Jo Yi Seo’s love for Park Sae Roy with Yoon Mirae’s simple singing style. After the 11th episode, in which the song was inserted in the scene where Park Sae Roy rejected Jo Yi Seo, the viewers showed great responses by leaving comments on the official music video, saying, “I’m heartbroken to see the scene again, but I’m here to listen to the song,” or “Yoon Mirae’s drama OST is the best.”

Itaewon Class OST not only features the prominent artists such as Yoon Mirae and Crush, other artists, including Sondia, VERIVERY and The Vane, have also participated. Unlike other the soundtracks that mainly focuses on a particular genre, these songs add the “fun to listen to” to the drama’s “fun to watch.”

“The drama OST needs to have a good understanding of the drama,” said an official of Itaewon Class. “We have put a lot of thoughts and efforts into these OST for several months. We’re just glad that the viewers are showing their love for them.”

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