Kim Tae Hee, From a Commercial Star to a Real Actor

The emotions of Kim Tae Hee, who became a mother of two children, have become even richer. After returning in five years, Kim successfully returned to the small screen as a “mother with a daughter.” She plays the role of Cha Yu Ri, who has an affectionate motherly love in tvN’s Hi Bye, Mama, which airs every weekend, shaking off the controversy over her acting prowess that followed her entire career for the first time.

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Kim started her career with a commercial, and was first noticed as a graduate of Seoul National University with a doll-like appearance. On the other hand, many said that her acting skills do not match her looks and intelligence. But Kim, who returned after five years, has changed a lot. Having experienced marriage and her two kids, she shows perfect understanding of her character in the drama, receiving positive review from viewers.

Let’s look back on Kim’s filmography, who appeared in the entertainment industry as a “beauty from Seoul National University.”

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Kim Tae Hee first debuted in 2000 with a sanitary pad commercial. Then, she made her debut in the big screen with Last Present (2001), where she played the child role of Lee Young Ae, and played the role of a cheerful college student in the drama, Let’s Go! (2002). But right before the finale, she announced her retirement.

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After struggling between her studies and her career in the entertainment industry, Kim returned with Screen (2003), a romance drama starring Gong Yoo, to announce her name as an actor. Soon after, she came to fame with her role of Han Yu Ri, who continuously interfered between Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo, in Stairway to Heaven (2003).

In 2004, she played the role of Yoon Shi Yeon, a nine-tailed fox who is more human than actual humans, in Nine Tailed Fox. Then collaborated with Kim Rae Won as a lover in Love Story in Harvard (2004), a drama 5 billion KRW scale drama, where she played a role of Lee Soo In, a strong-willed medical student.

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She always received satisfactory results on small screen, whereas her big screen results were never that good. From The Restless (2006), which is considered her official debut for the big screen, to Venus And Mars (2007), where she worked with Seol Kyung Gu, and Grand Prix (2010) that featured a female horse racer, all faced cold reality.

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The drama IRIS, which aired in 2009, means a lot to her. Never being able to break off from the controversy over her acting prowess, she finally won the Excellence Award at the KBS Drama Awards that year, successfully acting through various genre from romance to action.

In 2011, she starred in My Princess with Song Seung Heon, where she played the role of Lee Seol, who suddenly became a princess of the Korean Imperial family from an ordinary college student. Also she starred in Boku to Star no 99 Nichi (2011) with Nishijima Hidetoshi, as her debut drama in Japan.

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She then tried her first historical drama in 2013 with Jang Ok Jung, but she was considered the worst-ever actress to play the role of Jang Hee Bin. Not to mention the horrible viewership result. The controversy over her acting surfaced again with Yong Pal (2015), but from the point where her character Han Yeo Jin woke up, the controversy simmered down. Later that year, she won the Best Actress in a Miniseries at SBS Drama Awards.

Kim married Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) in 2017 and took a long break as she had two kids, but recently she successfully returned with Hi Bye, Mama as she cleared the public concerns. Skillfully crossing between the heart-breaking motherhood and unaffected attitudes, she seized the small screen of the weekend. We are getting more anticipated for her future moves.

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