BTS’ RM Can’t Stop Laughing After Admitting to Losing a Total of 34 Pairs of AirPods in His Recent ‘V Live’

During a ‘V Live‘ broadcast on December 14th, BTS‘s RM couldn’t stop laughing as he admitted to constantly losing his belongings…. specifically his AirPods!

RM stated that losing AirPods is somewhat of a common occurrence for him, and that he was on his 34th pair now. That means he lost a total of 33 pairs, which is $5,000 worth of AirPods! How insane! Seems like keeping track of his belongings is definitely not RM‘s forte.

The random, funny fact made many netizens laugh, and has become a big issue as many articles have been writing about it.

You can check out RM‘s hilarious ‘V Live‘ on: and for more of BTS, be sure to check out!

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