The Man From Nowhere – An Emotional Thriller Starring a Revenge-driven “Won Bin”

Whether it be John Wick from the <John Wick> series, or Brian from the <Taken Series>, people of this mold should not be tampered with unless you are looking for trouble. Jang Tae-sik from <The Man from Nowhere> is one of those people. With his bushy hair and worn attire, Jang Tae-sik lives like a ghost while he hides his painful past. When Somi, the only person that he has any interaction with is kidnapped by a criminal organization. This triggers Jang Tae-sik to bring out his true charisma in a performance of awe-inspiring action fueled by a thirst for vengeance  


To create the most realistic action possible, <The Man from Nowhere> blends the traditional martial arts of multiple Asian cultures to create high intensity, high speed and aesthetically pleasing action. Won Bin, who originally starred in soft and delicate roles in romantic dramas or rom-coms, took the role of Jang Tae-sik in his first action movie, blowing us all away with his performance and showing us a more masculine and rough character we had not seen before. Most of the scenes shot in the movie were also done by Won Bin himself without using stunt doubles. What puts the cherry on top of this film is that Kim Sae-ron the child actress who play So-mi in the film shines extremely brightly with her calm yet attention-grabbing acting throughout the movie which she has received nationwide praise for. So how about watching <The Man from Nowhere>, a truly timeless Korean action film for the ages?

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