‘Lovely Runner’ Star Byun Woo Seok on Family Interactions and Chemistry With Kim Hye Yoon

Byun Woo Seok Lovely Runner
Byun Woo Seok Lovely Runner
Credit: Varo Entertainment

Byun Woo Seok opened up about the overwhelming popularity he’s experiencing after Lovely Runner.

The star explained how it’s impacted his daily life, saying, “It really hits me when I’m busy filming. I went home after finishing Lovely Runner, and my mom asked for an autograph. I barely got to chat – spent a whole hour just signing. My parents don’t call me Sun Jae at home, though. It’s funny, because all my friends, everyone I know for ages, even the agency head – they all call me Sun Jae now.”

The chemistry with his co-star, Kim Hye Yoon, was undeniable. They built a natural rapport by feeding off each other’s emotions. “We’d even crack up from a distance, just by making eye contact,” Byun Woo Seok shared. “When my character won the swimming race and came out of the pool, or when Sol was dancing by herself at the company retreat. The scenes themselves might have been funny, but sometimes we’d just laugh when our eyes met. It’s hard to explain exactly what we were feeling, but there was a sense of shared struggle, a feeling of understanding each other’s burdens. We definitely leaned on each other a lot.”

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