‘Lovely Runner’ Director Under Fire for Comments About Kim Hye Yoon’s Appearance

lovely runner director
lovely runner director
Credit: tvN

The director of Lovely Runner, Yoon Jong Ho, has come under fire for his comments about the show’s female lead actress Kim Hye Yoon. In a recent interview with South Korean media outlet OSEN, the director revealed that he pressured Kim Hye Yoon to improve her visuals to match the timelines of the characters and their glow-up.

According to Yoon Jong Ho, the romantic comedy depicts a love story where the male lead falls for the female lead at first sight. To capture this pivotal moment on screen, Yoon Jong Ho reportedly pressured Kim Hye Yoon to “work on her visuals,” believing her appearance didn’t initially match the character’s development.

“I wanted to bring out the peak of Kim Hye Yoon’s beauty,” Yoon stated in the interview. “I frequently scolded her for that. To an actress whose strength is her acting skills, I requested that she work on her visuals.”

Fans and netizens have expressed outrage at Yoon’s comments, viewing them as disrespectful and potentially misogynistic. Many believe the comments unfairly reduced Kim Hye Yoon’s worth as an actress to her physical appearance. Furthermore, they also believe that she was mistreated by the director after learning about his comments on her visual.

Credit: OSEN

In the controversial interview article, the director acknowledged Kim Hye Yoon’s remarkable acting skills, but he stated that she needed to work on her visuals. He said, “The story called for the actors to use different tones to match their ages. It required a detailed strategy. The high school versions of Sun Jae and Sol spoke in tones slightly higher than Sun Jae and Sol in their twenties and thirties.”

Then he talked about how everyone on the team worked hard to bring in the best of the visuals while keeping in mind the timelines. Yoon disclosed that careful attention was paid to the details of the show. He said, “As the female lead of a romantic comedy, the character had to have quality visuals. Kim Hye Yoon heeded my word and began to focus on improving her visuals, like receiving ‘camera massages’. When we first started the project, she felt like a daughter, but by the end, she had a more womanly aura. I was proud of her efforts.”

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