Byeon Woo Seok Shares Heartfelt Thanks to His ‘Lovely Runner’ Co-Star Kim Hye Yoon on ‘You Quiz’

byeon woo seok kim hye yoon
byeon woo seok kim hye yoon
Credit: tvN

Byeon Woo Seok expressed his gratitude towards Kim Hye Yoon and his deep affection for their drama Lovely Runner during his appearance on the May 22nd episode of tvN’s You Quiz on the Block.

Yoo Jae Suk praised Kim Hye Yoon’s performance, to which Byeon responded, “She really is amazing. Without Hye Yoon, I don’t think I could have expressed Sun Jae’s emotions as well. The genuine emotions she brought to the set helped me immerse myself in my character.”

Byeon shared a touching story from the set: “When I’m on the set, I have a lot of energy in the beginning, but later in the day, it becomes clear that I am getting tired, so everybody calls me a weakling. And every time Hye Yoon sees me and brings me snacks. When my energy drops, she gives me candies or cookies.”

He also recounted a particularly memorable moment, “We had to shoot summer scenes in the winter. It was so cold, and steam would rise from our bodies after coming out of the water. To get rid of it, we had to pour more cold water over ourselves. We met eyes, and Hye Yoon said to me, ‘I’ve never been to the army, but is this what camaraderie feels like?’ It felt like we shared a deep bond.”

The Lovely Runner star left a heartfelt video message for his co-star, “Hye Yoon, I learned so much from the energy and attitude you brought to the set. Thanks to you, I could portray Sun Jae better. Thank you so much. If you ever want to eat something delicious, just call me. I’ll treat you anytime. Thank you truly.”

He also left a second message to his character Ryu Sun Jae; Byeon said, “It took three years for you to come to me, and I’m so grateful.” He then said in an interview, “I wondered when I’d ever find a character I loved as much as Sun Jae again. I’m such a fan of this drama that I cried so hard reading the script for episode 16, realizing it was the end. It felt strange and was a new experience for me. That’s how special this project and character are to me.”

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