Ji Hyun Woo Talks About How On-screen Romance Can Sometimes Spark Real Feelings Between Actors

ji hyun woo yoo in na
ji hyun woo yoo in na
Credit: Shin Dong Yup’s Youtube

Ji Hyun Woo and Im Soo Hyang opened up about the blurring lines between acting and reality, and how on-screen romance can sometimes spark real feelings between actors.

The two stars appeared on the April 15th episode of Shin Dong Yup‘s YouTube show and chatted over drinks.

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Shin Dong Yup started the conversation by saying, “They say you can catch real feelings for someone you act with. And honestly, it makes sense, right? You’re spending all this time together, seeing their actual selves when the cameras stop. They become charming, dependable, someone you want to get to know better. So, have you ever been in a situation where you had to kind of pump the brakes on those feelings?””

Im Soo Hyang replied, “Totally. Especially if there’s a love triangle involved. Like, say my character has a crush on the main guy, but there’s this other girl who’s all over him. It’s hard not to feel jealousy when they’re all cute and cuddly on screen.”

Ji Hyun Woo shared his perspective. “When I was younger, it took some time for me to differentiate my feelings from the character. If I still miss that person and want to see her after the project ends, then it means I genuinely like her. So, I try to be objective and see how I feel after filming wraps.”

ji hyun woo yoo in na
Credit: tvN

Ji Hyun Woo previously made headlines for dating Yoo In Na, whom he met on the set of the 2013 tvN drama Queen and I. During the drama’s fan event after the finale, he surprised everyone by confessing, “I’m in love with Yoo In Na. I hope you look warmly upon us.” Later, Yoo In Na confirmed their relationship on her radio show.

However, Yoo In Na wasn’t there when Ji Hyun Woo was discharged from his military service in 2014. He avoided answering questions about her from reporters, and the couple confirmed their breakup soon after his discharge.

Im Soo Hyang continued, “That’s what’s confusing. We film for a long time, and eventually, it becomes hard to distinguish the character from the real person. It’s like deceiving your own feelings. You wonder, ‘Do I like this person or the character?’ That’s why it’s common to start dating during a show’s air and then break up after it ends. Although, you learn to avoid those kinds of mistakes with experience.”

Shin Dong Yup jokingly added, “When filming dramas, the staff members get super close too. They’re on location shoots for months, bumping into each other constantly. Then the drama ends, everyone goes their separate ways, and it’s a clean break.”

Im Soo Hyang laughed and agreed, “Especially for successful dramas, because the energy on set is good.”

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