‘Parasyte: The Grey’ Tops Netflix TV Charts, Earns Raves for Gripping Story and Action

parasyte the grey review
parasyte the grey review
Credit: Netflix

Parasyte: The Grey has maintained its No. 1 spot on Netflix’s Top TV Shows chart for two consecutive days since its debut on April 5th. It is also receiving rave reviews overseas.

parasyte the grey review
Credit: Flixpatrol

Impetigore director Joko Anwar praised the series, saying, “The opening scene of Parasyte: The Grey was very impressive. I thought it was a scene that was both fantastical and thought-provoking. I felt that it drew viewers in from the beginning by leading into the scene where the alien spores fall to Earth.”

Netflix series Yu Yu Hakusho creator Shô Tsukikawa noted that the openings of Yeon Sang Ho’s previous works, Train to Busan and Hellbound, were also strong. He stated, “In the case of Parasyte: The Grey, a huge event happens in front of everyone’s eyes at a stadium where a parasite falls. The moment I saw that, I decided that I would watch this work to the end, and I ended up watching it all at once.”

Here are some reactions from netizens who have seen the series:

Parasyte: The Grey is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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Source: Netflix

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