Netflix Unveils ‘Parasyte: The Grey’ Trailer and Poster, Fans Rave About Disturbing Visuals

parasyte the grey netflix
parasyte the grey netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix unveils the teaser trailer and poster for its highly anticipated series, Parasyte: The Grey.

Inspired by Hitoshi Iwaaki’s globally acclaimed comic, Parasyte, Parasyte: The Grey draws viewers in with its captivating story of parasitic infiltration and exploration of philosophical themes. The comic has sold over 25 million copies across 30 countries.

The poster instantly draws viewers in with a close-up of Su In. She appears to be half human, half something else entirely. Behind her, a swarm of parasitic bubbles hints at the widespread threat, setting the stage for what’s to come.

The teaser trailer further unveils the unsettling reality. Parasites have silently infiltrated society, mimicking human behavior while concealing a sinister agenda. We see Kang Woo (played by Koo Kyo Hwan) desperately searching for his missing sibling while hiding from a parasite attack. Meanwhile, Team Grey, led by Jun Kyung (Lee Jung Hyun), engages in a perilous fight against the parasites. The trailer showcases the escalating conflict, leaving no room for complacency in this war with uncertain outcomes.

The teaser ends with a glimpse of Heidi, the parasite residing within Su In (Jeon So Nee), sparking a flurry of questions. How did Su In become this “mutant,” existing outside the boundaries of humans or parasites? And perhaps most importantly, whose side will Su In ultimately choose?

The teaser trailer has already generated a lot of buzz online. Many viewers commented on the show’s disturbing visuals, with one person saying, “The animation for them turning into a Parasyte is actually really good!”

See what fans are saying about the trailer on X and YouTube:

Credit: Netflix YouTube
Credit: Netflix YouTube

>> Yeon Sang Ho’s ‘Parasyte: The Grey’ Gets April Release Date and New Poster

Parasyte: The Grey premieres on April 5th, only on Netflix.

Credit: Netflix

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