Lee Seung Gi Inadvertently Tangled in Legal Drama Amid MC Mong’s Testimony

Credit: NewsJamm, Yonhap News

Lee Seung Gi‘s reputation faces unforeseen scrutiny after being mentioned multiple times by MC Mong during a high-stakes trial concerning the backdoor listing of a cryptocurrency.

The trial, which has ensnared former Bithumb Holdings CEO Lee Sang Jun, former pro golfer Ahn Sung Hyun, and businessman Kang Jong Hyun, unfolded on the afternoon of the 2nd, spotlighting a tangled web of investments and backdoor deals. Prosecutors allege that Ahn Sung Hyun facilitated an investment from Kang Jong Hyun to MC Mong’s company, Big Planet Made, in exchange for a 5% stake, with a hefty 20 billion KRW (approximately 16.8 million USD) in cash handed over as a deposit to MC Mong himself.

The rapper stated, “In November 2021, Lee Seung Gi introduced Ahn as ‘an incredible investor.’ I was looking for investors then since my company (Big Planet Made) was newly established. I heard he was Sung Yuri’s husband, from a good family, and worked hard in a reputable company.” He then claimed, “It was all orchestrated by Ahn Sung Hyun.”

MC Mong further revealed that Big Planet expressed gratitude to Lee Seung Gi by gifting him a 2% stake in the company, a gesture that was made without Lee’s request or involvement. “It was meant to show our appreciation for connecting us with Ahn Sung Hyun, but the reports made it sound like he asked for the 2% stake. I feel terribly sorry to Lee Seung Gi,” MC Mong added.

Despite the clarifications, the ripple effects on Lee Seung Gi’s reputation seem inevitable, given MC Mong’s controversial past and the high-profile nature of this trial. Lee Seung Gi’s agency, HUMANMADE, has yet to release a statement regarding the matter.

>> Lee Seung Gi Linked to Bithumb Legal Drama with MC Mong, Kang Jong Hyun & Ahn Sung Hyun

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